Some Tips to Tackle an Essay Question and Write an Essay Successfully


One common mistake that is, made by students while they write an essay is that they deviate from an essay question. Students can come up with a dazzling and carefully argued essay; however, it is almost impossible for lazy students. Lazy students get low marks, because their essays are not up to the mark, and their essays are irrelevant to essay questions, which are asked to them. Some essay writers commence their essay writing assignments in robust manner, but all of a sudden they digress from an essay question


If you see sample essays of students, then you will be shocked to know that majority of the writers deserve high grades, but they are marked low. Why? They get low marks, because they fail to show the link between their essays and the essay question (s). Mentioned below are some tips for writing a good essay:


  1. Planning: Writing a clear and comprehensive plan is one of the successful ways to make sure that you will stick to the question throughout your essay. If you have commenced essay writing, then you should make sure that you stick to your essay question. You should map four or five central points, and underneath each point, you should write down the arguments. You must read each section and ask yourself whether your essay question is answered or not. You should eradicate points that are irrelevant to your essay.


  1. Referring Back: You should persistently refer back to the question whenever you have produced a new paragraph. Doing it can certainly make a huge difference for your essay. You should keep examining that the paragraphs that you have written to find out whether they are relevant to your essay question or not. You should be brave and rephrase your essay question, because if your essay question is not repetitive, it will improve the sense of cohesion and relevance of your argument.


  1. Coming Up With an Argument: Often students start their essays with a vivid introduction; however, when their essays have advanced into more lines of debate; they fail to prove that they are still concentrating on the main topic. One good way of creating the focus in an essay by making the relationship between the distinct parts of your essay argument clear is that you deploy attention getting separators like firstly, secondly, conversely, and furthermore in essay writing. It may sound easy to you, and it will help you link different ideas together easily.


  1. Conclusion: The successful essays have always one thing in common i.e. they have a robust and vivid conclusion that provides the clear summary of an essay argument. You can use the concluding paragraph to show to the examiner why each paragraph of your essay is pertinent to an essay question. In the conclusion of an essay, you need to refer back to the topic by even quoting an essay question itself to make it really clear to the readers. You should briefly mention each of your main paragraphs in concluding your arguments. This essay writing technique will ensure that the reader is retold at the end of your essay that everything you have written is relevant to the essay question.


  1. Last Tip: You should continuously remind yourself about an essay question while you write an essay. You must simply re-read your essay question to ensure that you are on track with your essay writing task. You had better make sure that your essay remains relevant to an exact topic on which you should be focusing on for your essay writing assignment.